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VMware HA

Protect Your Infrastructure from Multiple Sources of Failure

VMware HA provides pervasive, cost-effective failover protection within your virtualized IT environment.

  • Protect applications with no other failover options and make high availability possible for software applications that might otherwise be left unprotected.
  • Protect applications from OS related failures by automatically restarting virtual machines when failure is detected (experimental mode).
  • Establish a consistent first line of defense for your entire IT infrastructure.

Automatically Restart Virtual Machines

VMware HA is a feature-rich product that continuously monitors all physical servers in a resource pool and restarts virtual machines affected by server failure.

  • Monitors and detects virtual machines for “guest OS” failures and automatically starts virtual machines after user-specified intervals.
  • Detects server failures automatically, using a “heartbeat” on servers.
  • Restarts virtual machines almost instantly without human intervention on a different physical server within the same resource pool.
  • Continuously monitors and chooses the optimal physical servers within a resource pool on which to restart virtual machines (if used in conjunction with VMware DRS).