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Secure Web (Webwasher) Solutions

Secure Web delivers a comprehensive security solution for all aspects of Web 2.0 traffic. When a user is requesting content from a Web 2.0 application, he is implicitly asking for active content to be delivered to, and executed by, his computer. Furthermore, the same user is required to provide content to the Web 2.0 application, making the security concerns both inbound and outbound in nature.

Secure Web (Webwasher) provides immediate protection for user-initiated Web traffic against threats such as malware hidden in blended content or hidden in encrypted SSL traffic. Secure Web analyzes the intent of all content entering the network – even new web pages before they have content and before they are categorized. It also protects organizations from outbound threats such as potential loss of confidential information that can leak out on all key Web protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP).

Ten ways Secure Web (Webwasher) can help your company

  1. Combination of local behavior and global reputation security technology
  2. #1 rated anti-malware solution
  3. Protection for encrypted traffic: Secure Web SSL Scanning with certificate updates
  4. Reputation-based URL filtering provides advanced security, powered by TrustedSource™
  5. High performance proxy with multiple Web security solutions in a single appliance
  6. Innovative Secure Web Cache for today's Web 2.0 environment
  7. Inbound and outbound defenses
  8. Protection against data leaks on all Web protocols
  9. Flexible deployment options
  10. Highly scalable reporting