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NetApp FAS3000 Series

Choose the FAS3000 enterprise series for its mix of performance, scalability, and proven lower total cost of ownership . Recover application data in minutes - not hours - with Snapshot™ backups.

Get lower total cost of ownership and higher storage utilization all within a unified storage architecture with our versatile FAS3000 series.

Manage up to twice as much data with your current staff. Dynamically adjust workload priorities so that important applications always get a fast response. Other key benefits include:


  • Satisfy multiple needs - SAN, NAS, primary storage, and secondary storage - with a single platform.
  • Maintain consistent, stable performance when creating Snapshot copies.
  • Upgrade as you grow within the FAS3000 family and into the high-end FAS6000 family.

Key Points

  • Scale to more than 500 terabytes of raw storage capacity.
  • Save on total cost of ownership through higher storage utilization and simpler administration.
  • Back up application data in seconds; recover in just minutes.
  • Easily provision, expand, and upgrade to meet your changing business needs.