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NetApp FAS2000 Series

With the FAS2000 series you can manage your growing, complex data in dispersed departments or remote locations, add functionality with ease, and increase capacity by up to 104TB.

Manage your dispersed, expanding, and complex data requirements all within a unified storage architecture with the FAS2000 series. FAS2000 systems are ideal if you have dispersed departments or remote branch offices.

Leverage our common operating system, management tools, backup and restore functions, and disaster recovery solutions to support your special business needs:


  • Bolster your storage efficiency through higher utilization and our thin-provisioning technology
  • Expand capacity and functionality easily using a uniform architecture
  • Reduce your system costs with the FAS2000 high data availability and downtime costs, which are half those of other systems.

Key Points

  • Gain enterprise-level reliability in a smaller and cost-effective package Integrate storage and processing into a single unit.
  • Cost-effective and reliable disaster recovery.
  • Manage and store applications and data using several standard protocols.
  • Slash your backup and restore times by half.
  • Simplify management through consolidation of virtualized server environments.