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Faronics Power Save

Reduce IT Energy Costs and Waste

Over a year, a typical desktop PC can consume up to $100 in energy costs and 870 kilowatt hours of electricity! Faronics Power Save significantly reduces these numbers.Power Save delivers PC power management that does not interfere with user or IT requirements. Power Save keeps computers running when users need them and accurately determines when computers are inactive so they can be powered down.

Intelligent PC Power Management

  • Analyzes CPU, disk, keyboard, mouse, network, and critical application activity before taking power management actions
  • Saves open user documents prior to powering down computers
  • Maximizes PC energy savings via Power Policies
  • Scheduled workstation wakeups remotely using Wake-On-LAN or locally via Windows
  • Gives users the ability to temporarily exempt their computers from power management
  • Works with both Windows and Mac computers
  • Runs Audit reports prior to activation to determine potential savings without affecting workstations
  • Definitively proves its rapid return-on-investment through network-wide power consumption and savings reports
  • Allows all workstations to be efficiently managed via Faronics Core

With an average savings of $50 per computer per year for every computer deployed, Power Save is the ultimate PC power management software solution for desktop and laptop computers.

Discover how Power Save applies to your environment

Intelligent Configuration Settings

  • Documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are automatically saved before before the computer powers down
  • Option to logoff user prior to computer powering down
  • Stay awake option allows users to temporarily disable PC power management

Flexible Scheduling

  • Options to turn off the monitor, and standby, hibernate or shutdown the computer
  • Schedule Wake-on-LAN, shutdown, or restart events
  • Schedule Power Save configuration updates for a single, daily, weekly, or monthly occurrence
  • Schedule a temporary window where Power Save will not enforce energy management policies for maintenance purposes

Compatibility Options

  • Customize the deployment as well as update and control the client workstations
  • Recognizes and accommodates to Deep Freeze maintenance schedules

Customized Inactivity Definitions

  • Employ energy saving actions when CPU or disk or network activity falls below a defined level
  • Prevent the workstation from employing power saving actions when a particular application is running
  • Powers down hard drives if the computer is inactive to further reduce energy consumption

Enterprise Control and Management

  • Faronics Core provides unified workstation management capabilities
  • Workstation grouping makes managing large deployments easy
  • Disable and override a workstation’s operating system energy management settings
  • Create workstation groups based on user-defined parameters, such as departments, physical locations, and user groups
  • Create multiple Energy Consumption profiles to match the power use of each workstation type
  • Workstations can be woken-up via a web browser
  • Active Task feature ensures configuration changes are applied to unavailable workstations by resending the task when the computer can be reached

Savings Reports

  • Generate enterprise power consumption and savings reports through Faronics Core Console
  • Detailed workstation utilization reporting allows you to see how much power you are saving based upon your regional electricity cost
  • Audit mode provides a baseline measure of the energy being consumed, making it easy to determine the true value of the savings generated when Power Save's features are enabled
  • Detailed workstation utilization reporting allows you to see how much power you are saving based upon your regional electricity cost
  • Audit mode also calculates the projected annual savings based on an interim audit period
  • Power consumption and savings reports can be displayed per workstation or per Energy Consumption profile
  • Power Save displays the environmental benefits that have been achieved by reducing computer energy waste