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Citrix Delivery Center

Citrix Delivery Center™ is an application delivery infrastructure system that transforms IT into an on-demand service by centralizing the management and delivery of applications and desktops. It simplifies IT operations by managing a single image of applications, desktops and servers, accelerating application roll-outs and reducing IT operating costs up to 50 percent.

Citrix Delivery Center optimizes delivery by integrating network optimization with application, desktop and server virtualization to make it easy for users to work productively from anywhere with the best application performance and security regardless of location.

Citrix Delivery Center will help your IT organization:

  • Simplify IT with centralized management of apps and desktops to dramatically reduce TCO
  • Optimize delivery across locations, users and devices to provide the best user experience
  • Accelerate business with a single, efficient infrastructure that can quickly respond to change

Reduce operations costs up to 50 percent

With the Citrix Delivery Center, IT updates and patches a single application package in the datacenter, rather than having to manage applications on hundreds or thousands of user devices spread all over the enterprise. Centralization of application management drastically reduces operations costs by making IT staff more efficient and virtually eliminating the need to travel to users. With application virtualization, it’s fast—new applications are delivered in minutes not months; and updates to applications occur in seconds not weeks.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Citrix Delivery Center easily integrates with your existing servers, PCs, networks and storage and makes them more efficient. For networks, the Citrix Delivery Center can reduce bandwidth needs by 75 percent through compression, caching and optimizations; for servers Citrix Delivery Center can reduce Web server needs by 60 percent by offloading SSL and TCP connection functions; for storage Citrix Delivery Center minimizes storage and image management requirements through on-demand image streaming; and for PCs Citrix Delivery Center can double their useful life through application virtualization.

Enable agility – Do more with less

By delivering applications as a service, IT can respond to new business requirements much faster, with much lower capital cost requirements. The centralized application delivery infrastructure inherently enables users to work anywhere—so Teleworking, Off-shoring and Outsourcing are accomplished with a simple point-n-click. Adding new branch offices or integrating an acquired business is also a straight-forward expansion of the existing infrastructure—not a separate, new system with new hardware, software, training and integration. Compliance and Business Continuity projects are much easier, and less costly, by leveraging the centralized Citrix Delivery Center.

Work anywhere

Citrix Delivery Center provides easy access from any device, on and offline, dramatically increasing user productivity and accelerating business agility. It improves application performance up to 5 times—reducing response times and providing a familiar, easy-to-use experience no matter where or how applications are used. Citrix Delivery Center improves performance of Web applications, Windows applications and Windows desktops for users in the office (HQ or Remote), when working at home, or while travelling.

Secure by design

Citrix Delivery Center provides security that is a built-in property of the delivery infrastructure from the datacenter through the network to the user, rather than something you bolt on at every tier of computing. Powerful and proven security functions including SSL VPN for secure centralized application access, an application firewall to protect sensitive information from the latest threats, enterprise Single Sign-On for strong password protection, DDoS protection for Web applications and tools to control actions and access to applications and audit user sessions.
Delivering applications is a defining issue for IT

The market leading delivery systems of Citrix Delivery Center enable IT to dramatically reduce application, desktop and datacenter operations costs, and make current infrastructure more efficient and your business more agile. Industry experts agree the time is right to make the move from static application deployment to dynamic application delivery.